1. To what extent will stakeholders be able to contribute to this project?

Governments around the world will be requested to provide updates to the information currently included in the Annex to European Commission Regulation (EC) No 1418/2007. Stakeholders will be invited to provide any information they may have on latest regulatory developments in the field of shipments for recovery of non-hazardous waste outside the European Union (EU). They will also be able to provide their views on the regulation of non-hazardous waste shipments. This will inform the European Commission’s thinking on the internal dimension of waste shipments in the context of the circular economy.

2. Is this project linked to the on-going evaluation by the Commission of Regulation 1013/2006?

The results of this project will feed into the on-going broader evaluation process by the European Commission services. Article 60(2a) of Regulation 1013/2006 calls upon the European Commission to carry out a review by the end of 2020. An evaluation is the first step in the review process.

For information on this evaluation process, please refer to: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/shipments/evaluation_of_the_wsr.htm