The project is led by Milieu, an independent private sector consultancy committed to serving the public interest, with extensive experience in managing multi-country and multi-partner studies. Its team includes senior experts in the field of waste and materials management. For further information, please consult

Tony Zamparutti has 25 years of experience in policy and economic analysis and contributed to numerous studies commissioned by the European institutions and international organisations, including OECD projects on waste management, country specific environmental performance reviews and trade aspects.

Wim Van Breusegem is an environmental management expert with over 28 years of experience in advising public and private sector clients, throughout Europe, the former Soviet Union, Asia and Africa, including on waste statistics and transboundary movement of wastes.


Ramboll has an excellent track record in delivering projects to both public and private clients and has extensive experience in the area of waste management and waste shipments. In addition, Ramboll has key regional offices around the world, in particular in Asia, to assist in the execution of the project. For further information, please consult

Emiel de Bruijne specialised in the regulation of waste management and, more specifically, the legal aspects of recycling and circular economy. Subjects include waste definitions, shipment of waste and the overlap, conflict and consistency between waste regulations and other regulatory fields.

Ferdinand Zotz has 12 years of professional experience in environmental consultancy, with expertise on the design of waste management systems, classification of waste, and transboundary shipments of waste.